Auke Idzenga 27 Apr 2017 Blog

Social Enterprising

"What we wanted and what I think is important for the success of SE is that the initiative is appropriate to, and in harmony with the people and place"

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Michael Royce 02 Mar 2010 Blog

A Trip to Anangue

Board members Francie and Michael Royce travelled to Anangue on February 16, 2010, to visit a small village where AIDFI implemented a ram pump project nine months ago. Green Empowerment will lead a trip of Northwestern students this June to help with the installation of another ramp pump project in neighboring Tres Hermanos, which now must haul its drinking water from a distant location

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Brian Finnerty 11 Mar 2017 Blog

Where the real work gets done

Our volunteer I.T. guy from Ireland gets his hands dirty and feet wet on a trip to one of our ram pump installations

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24 Apr 2017 Blog

What is a Ram Pump?

“If water comes out of that pipe, I’ll chop my thumb off.”

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