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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is my site feasible for the ram pump?

We need to survey the site first to know if it is feasible, but you can also give us initial data we need to check if the conditions for the ram installations is met

What if the size of the ram pump and how many is needed for my site?

The size of the ram pump depends on your water source flow rate and the number of ram pump depends on your water requirement

How high can it deliver water up?

For a minimum head of 1 meter, it can deliver up to 30 meters high. So far, the highest delivery height reached is 235 meters

What is the maximum volume it can deliver?

Depending on the water source flow rate, it can pump 5-10 % of water passing through the ram

We are located in the city, can this be installed in deep wells?

No. Ram pump needs a free-flowing water  in order to work since it does not use electricity or fuel. It is best suited for rural areas

How much for the installation?

There is no way to give an average cost of a system since it is site specific. Conducting a survey is the best way to know how much will be the overall cost

Can this be used for drinking and for irrigation?

Yes! Given the site fulfills all the conditions of the installation. For drinking, the source must be potable since the function of the ram pump is only to pump water up

What are the spare parts of the ram pump?

Spare parts of the ram pump is a long lasting door hinge and a piece of old car tire for check valve

Will you train us for the repair and maintenance?

Yes! We conduct training for a local technician for repair and maintenance of the system

Do you offer warranty?

Yes! We offer 6-months warranty for the unit and the system

Does the price include the whole system/setup?

No. the price is for the ram unit alone.

AIDFI has now 10 different sizes of ram pump with different flowrate requirement each size, yet its efficiency to pump is the same.

Ram Pump Size Flow rate requirements Price
¾” 10-15 liters/min Php 15,000.00
1” 15-30 liters/min Php 18,000.00
1 ¼” 25-80 liters/min Php 19,000.00
1 ½” 60-120 liters/min Php 20,000.00
2” 90-200 liters/min Php 27,000.00
2 ½” 180-350 liters/min Php 30,000.00
3” 200-480 liters/min Php 34,000.00
4” 450-900 liters/min Php 40,000.00
5” 900-1,300 liters/min Php 50,000.00
6” 1,000-2,500 liters/min Php 69,000.00

Other services and products offered

Survey Fee *** Php 1,500.00
Technical Study Fee Php 1,500.00
Plastic Shredder Php 100,000.00
Plastic Extruder Php 77,000.00
Plastic Compression Oven Php 57,000.00
Sterilizer Php 11,000.00
Ricehull Stove (Small) Php 1,200.00
Ricehull Stove (Big) Php 6,900.00
Ricehull Gasifier Stove Php 2,500.00
Ricehull Carbonizer Php 1,200.00

*** Does not include travel cost and accommodation

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