24 Oct 2010 News and stories

AIDFI Joins 26th Negros Trade Fair at Rockwell Tent , Makati City

This is the first time ever did AIDFI joined up in the so called the long time running provincial marketing annual event  the ,Negros Trade Fair sponsored by the Association of Negros Producers. The Trade Fair was highlighted by the launching of the Natural and Organic Sector ( in which AIDFI was one of the members ) and the Green is Life Forum on the topics : “Organic Agriculture and its impact on the Environment”, “Negros an Agro-Tourism Destination” and the “Healthy Living is Healthy Eating” raised awareness on the Organic Movement  which Negros is in the forefront.

 For AIDFI,it has abled to bring in many people and buyers including from those from elite circle which resulted to good turnout of sales of the products brought to the Fair. 100 % sold out of the Lemongrass Essential Oil and Hydrosol  ( Lemongrass Water ) products brought. Booked sales for about 4 new buyers ( who are willing to buy volumes in liters of the oil ) and a Company engaged in exporting and marketing of Organic raw materials for the Cosmetic Industry have come to talk with AIDFI for the Hydrosol.  Promoting the many other uses of the unique product (lemongrass essential oil ) to more buyers makes it more wanted by many who have visited Rockwell. Others who were very amazed of the Lemongrass Oil and what it can further do, said that they will buy again if products are there by the next Negros trade fair.

Through the fair AIDFI was able to meet other people and organizations who are interested on the other Technologies developed by the foundation and  marketing also other support technologies of AID Foundation such as Ram Pumps, etc. Senators Serge Osmena and  Loren Legarda who purposedly visit the AIDFI area to see the products processed by  the communities assisted by AIDFI ( earlier Legarda passed a resolution to the Senate commending AIDFI for its exemplifying developmental works in the Philippines and in Asia and for being a Ramon Magsaysay awardee for this year, 2011.)

The fair made us realize that the farmers product ( the lemongrass oil ) is a world class product too and can lived up with international quality standards. This happens when lots of foreign visitors, elite families, actress ( Gloria Diaz ) who is very fond of the oil , thereby buying a lot of it and her staff goes back again the following day to buy and many who have communicated  after, that they are satisfied with product.

Through the support of AFOS campaigns and advocacy, the “Green is life” theme , forum series and the launching of the Natural & Organic sector at Rockwell in Manila paved way to making the the Organic Sector vibrantly shine  during the the Negros Trade Fair at Rockwell

The ABS-CBN news team interviewed AIDFI during the fair, a chance to further promote AIDFI products and Technologies as well in the National & International level.

For us at AIDFI, it’s a good head start on this, our first participation.