13 Jun 2011

AIDFI Successfully Installs Ram Pump in Nepal

Nepal trip 7

The installation is part of a complete technology transfer between AIDFI and the Centre for Rural Technology, Nepal (CRT/N). CRT/N is a professional non-governmental organization involved in developing and promoting appropriate/rural and renewable energy technologies effective in improving livelihood of the rural mass.  Nepal is a mountainous country and as the Philippines its economy is mostly agriculture based.  There is a huge potential for the Hydraulic ram Pump, a device which lifts water to high elevations without the use of energy except that from falling water.  Last quarter of 2010 CRT/N already bought three units of the ram pump and had those installed themselves.  The pilot site on which Roy and Auke worked is in a village with some 25 households; where the villagers (especially the women) had to go down to fetch the water manually.  The water now flows freely in the village.  Since there is still water left at the spring, the village head told AIDFI that in the near future they want to have a second pump installed.

Later on this year, three Nepalese are coming over to the shop of AIDFI and will be trained in all aspects of the Hydraulic Ram Technology from theory, surveying, system design, cost calculations, actual manufacturing to installation and testing.  CRT/N then is planning again in the future to train 17 shops with whom they are in close connection in manufacturing in order to have the AIDFI model ram pump spread over Nepal.  The Technology Transfer is sponsored by Renewable World, which is a UK based charity set up by individuals from the renewable energy industry in 2007 to act as the link between the European renewable energy sector and energy poor communities who are most vulnerable to climate change.

In the same time two Colombian technicians are coming over to AIDFI in July for a complete training as well.  After their training AIDFI technicians will come with them to Colombia to set up a pilot installation at a school in a far flung area.