08 Aug 2011 News and stories

Colombians finish Ram pump manufacturing training in Philippines

During the NGO night held on July 27 at the Wild Geese Coffeeshop at AIDFI, AIDFI Technical Department Head Auke Idzenga and Eng. Mauricio Gnecco of APROTEC signed the license which allowed APROTEC to manufacture, sell and install the AIDFI hydraulic ram pump in Colombia.

During the training APROTEC also shared some of its work in Colombia in which they also transferred knowledge to AIDFI on the axial turbine for hydro power. Staff and technicians shared good memories with the Mauricio and Carlos and wish them and APROTEC the best.

In September two technicians from AIDFI will travel to Colombia to do an installation together with APROTEC. The technology transfer to Colombia has been sponsored by Connect International.