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Sustainable social development in harmony with nature

Ram Pump program

The AIDFI Ram Pump is a perfected model of a forgotten technology: the Hydraulic Ram Pump. A Ram is a device which utilises the energy contained in falling water (hydro power) to lift a portion of this water to high elevations 24/7. Every day our ram pumps bring water to over 235,000 people who previously had no access to it.

Agos Ram Pump Program

An initiative of the Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines, Inc. (CCFPI) which started in 2011.

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Irrigation projects under the Department of Agriculture - Bureau for Soils and Water Management.

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International Projects

Sharing our technology with other groups and NGO's has allowed brought our ram pump technology to 6 different countries across 3 continients

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Social Enterprising

AIDFI has chosen the poorest of the poor as its target areas for its programs and those are far flung isolated mountainous areas were basic services are absent. With services we mean water for drinking and irrigation, sanitation, basic health care, electricity and roads. Having seen the needs AIDFI developed a community-based enterprise through essential oil distillation and income generating projects to sustain its operations and support services to its partner communities.

Wild Geese Cafe 1

The Wild Geese Café

Located at the AIDFI office, it serves as a social gathering ground for communities, private individuals and groups with common interests.

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Essential oil factory

Essential Oil Distillation

Perfect for far flung communities since it concerns high volume-low value input and delivers low volume-high value output.

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Community Development

Alternative Indigenous Development Foundation, Inc. (AIDFI) has been involved in implementing various projects that would create impact in the lives of rural communities. Projects that focuses on the real basic need of the community, - WATER. More often, these rural communities are being left behind in accessing basic social services from the Local Government and its Agencies.

Mainly, the reasons for these are the geographical locations (distance from the center) and the big reason is budget allocation from the Municipal or Provincial Government (although Barangay Local Governments have its share in the Internal Revenue Allotment, this is not enough for projects like barangay level 2 water system).

AIDFI as the pioneer in low cost and alternative technologies had perfected its design/model of a device that would lift water upstream without using any electricity or motor driven machines. This device is now the flagship program of AIDFI.

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Technical Services

AIDFI has decades of experience of doing technical work in the field. In fact, it has a pool of experienced personnel who have been trained from the ground up without any educational background. The shop in Bacolod City has complete tools and machines such as surface grinder, milling machine, lathe machines, bending machine, welding machines etc. to do any technical job. The main work revolves around the manufacturing of ram pumps and pre-fabricated materials needed by the projects.

CAD Operated Plasma Cutter
Lathe Machining