22 Feb 2016 Projects

Brgy. Inararo, Porac, Pampanga

The name "Porac" is derived from the word "purac" after the abundant purac tress encountered by the first settlers and is believed to be the first town established in Pmapanga. The Provincial Surveyor Don Ramon N. Orozco in 1879 called the river in this place "Poraq River" in his sketch of the nearby town of Floridablanca. Puraq later became what is known as Porac on September 6, 1867. Agriculture came to the place with the settling of Pampangans,  native of Malayan extraction, accompanied by a small number of Spaniards. Inararo was a ranch in the slope of the mountains known as Batiawan. Due to the scarcity of water in the mountains the residents moved to the lower grounds near "Poraq River" to sustain their water needs. After the 1991 Mt. Pinatubo eruption, six (6) lowland and three (3) upland barangays were either partially or completely buried under lahar, and also the Barangay Inararo. This forced residents to evacuate to different temporary relocation sites in neighboring provinces of Tarlac and Nueva Ecija. In 1992, the National Government, through the Mt. Pinatubo Commission and the Municipal Government started building several relocation sites within the municipality. In 1995, the Pio Model Community was finished and housed displaced residents from Cangatba, Mancatian, Manibaug Pasig, Mitla Proper, Poblacion and San Jose Mitla. This was followed by the relocation of the Aetas from Barangay Inararo to the Planas Tent City in 1997. The community at Barangay Inararo have been relocated or evacuated resettlement in Barangay Villa Maria but some of them is force to stay their beloved land because of their starve for their livelihood of farming


The purpose of the project is to help the upland community that needing a water. It aims to develop the community through the effort of undergone a workshop program for their livelihood and organized community for the preparation to a better tomorrow.


The project was completed on April 13, 2016 with an actual output of 174,182 liters/day. 28 households of Barangay Inararo were benefited by this project.

Date Started February 22, 2016
Date Comleted April 13, 2016
Total Beneficiaries 28 households
Output (liters/day) 174, 182 liters/day
Status Completed