26 Sep 2014 Projects

Brgy. Lanawan , MacArthur, Leyte

The village of Lanawan got its name from the Waray word "Lanaw", meaning idle and stagnant water where carabaos (Philippine water buffaloes) dip after a day's work. The community is 19 kilometers away from the town of MacArthur in the province of Leyte. 

The typical mode of transportation to and from the community is the "habal-habal"; (a motorcycle with extended backseat that can accommodate 4 to 5 passengers). The road approaching the community is rocky and rough. The barangay is an upland community planted with coconut trees. A considerable area of forest land is protected by the Barangay Local Government Unit. 

The community of 67 households was also struck by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in 2013, damaging houses, schools and almost all of their coconut trees.  Government infrastructure in the community are a Multi-Purpose Building that serves as a Day Care Center, Health Center and Barangay Hall, a 2-room multi-grade classroom serving students from Grades 1 to 4. Students from Grades 5-6 and high school students study in the town. 


The residents of Lanawan were organized into the Lanawan Water Association (LAWA) registered under the Department of Labor and Employment on October 8, 2014.

Date Started Sepetember 24, 2014
Date Completed October 8, 2014
Total Beneficiaries 67 Households
Output (liters/day) 24,826 liters per day
Status Completed