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Technologies in Harmony with Nature and People

The Alternative Indigenous Development Foundation, Inc., or AIDFI in brevity, was the brainchild of four (4) persons who rose from the ranks of the National Federation of sugar workers (NFSW), a labor organization that focuses on organizing and educating the sugar workers.  It was in the heap of the sugar industry downfall and crisis in Negros.

The union went from a farm lot program into the new land reform program and considering its nature of organizing and educating, this program became too big for the union.  The four persons wanted to focus on providing basic services to agrarian reform communities through appropriate technologies and agricultural services and therefore started AIDFI as a Non-Government Organization (NGO).  AIDFI was established and registered as a NGO on July 4, 1992 with registration no. ENO92000214 at the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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AIDFI wins two Asia Pacific Social Innovation Partnership Awards


AIDFI won 3rd place in the Innovative Projects Award – Large Projects Award in the 3rd cycle of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Water Award






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Auke Idzenga is a Dutch marine engineer and worked on three ships before moving to the Philippines to work with mostly Renewable Energy technologies for the poor. He worked first 6 years in an agricultural program for sugarworkers. In 1992 he co-founded AIDFI and introduced the unkown technology of the hydraulic ram pump and came up with the unique AIDFI model which spread the Philippines and some other countries. Auke has followed numerous technical trainings and courses on project management. In 2011 he received in behalf of AIDFI the Ramon Magsaysay Award and in 2019 received himself the Saint Teresa of Calcutta Award as 'Engineer for the Poor'.  Auke prefers a simple life, enjoys roasting coffee, and is already happy with a native coffee and a cigar.

While Che is ensuring smooth overall operation and several simultaneous ram pump activities nationwide, he enjoys taking on operational challenges and looking for solutions to ease and make work more efficient. Likes to dive into the development of new and improved programs so that more people may be able to benefit through efficient delivery of AIDFI's services especially the poorest of the poor. Has been with the organization since 2011 and has worked in different aspects from community development to project management. Enjoys being in the outdoors, especially the peace and tranquility it brings.

Believes hard and honest work brings in the best rewards.





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Cherie is a Bachelor of Commerce, she oversees the day-to-day operations of the organization. She sees challenges as making work and life interesting while overcoming challenges makes it meaningful and fulfilling. Enjoys carrying out and completing assignments with passion knowing it brings improvement to the lives of the less privileged in society. Attended Impact Management and Measurement with the Miller Center cohort and currently handles data gathering of our community development program.

Fe is a humble and kind married working Mom with two kids, she values passion and sincerity. One of the trusted guards of AIDFI since 2001 and has worked herself up in the finance department, currently, she is the Finance Manager. Her values of honesty and sincerity are a great asset in financial matters.

Denise has a major in Marketing Management and at a young age heard and experienced seeing the impact of AIDFI on the lives of the rural communities served by technologies designed for them, thus marketing these to the right people with the right intent is a challenge she gladly takes on every day.

She is creative and works to perfection, looking always for ways to improve more on her work.

Originated from one of our ram pump communities. She believes that commitment, self-discipline, and good values are vital elements of improving a workplace and community. Joined AIDFI in 2014 as a Community Development Facilitator and presently enjoying her work as the HR/Administrative Manager. Loves to deal with different individuals within AIDFI in implementing organizational policies. Dealing and sharing with others always comes with new thoughts and ideas to create solutions. Does not shy away from challenges especially with new tasks as she considers them all learnings in her journey called "Life".

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