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Auke visits Sanan Ram Pumps in Indonesia

Updated: Jan 3

For some time, Auke followed the work of Sanan Hydraulic Ram Pump in Indonesia. From posts on Facebook the work of Khamim, the man behind Sanan, looked innovative and professional. Having an invitation to come to the Southeast Asia Water Security-Integrated Water Resource Management Regional Conference to receive an award, it was an opportunity to take a boat from Bali and visit Khamim, who is based in Mojokerto on Java. Auke met his family and companions and visited their workshop. We also went to an actual ram pump irrigation installation in the field. Technically Khamimis very innovative and spent a lot of hours on their work in manufacturing and installation. We discussed on the chicken and egg problem he is facing. He still has and needs his full-time job with a PVC company but has his dream of lifting the work with ram pumps to a fulltime job. Auke shared the experiences and challenges AIDFI had in the past. It is great to see the work of other ram pump enthusiasts. Together we only have so far scratched the surface of the potential of ram pumps, and it is important to get the technology more popularized and institutionalized.

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